Staying in tune with the customer

by Gazette Reporter

WALTON’S Music Store has been around since the 1930s. With premises on South Great Georges Street and at Blanchardstown Retail Park, Walton’s also has its New School of Music at its city centre store.

The store has weathered every economic downturn in its history, none more difficult than the most recent recession, and managing director Niall Walton says that this was done through the hard work of an experienced and knowledgeable team.
He said: “I think it just came down to our hard-working crew, our reputation for customer service, keeping everybody happy, solving problems for the customers and an awful lot of sacrifices.
“It wasn’t easy – it required everybody to work extremely hard and to take cuts and all the rest of it, and I think seven years later everyone is a lot tougher.”
He said: “the build-up of knowledge and experience down through the years” was a huge factor in the survival of Walton’s.
“We have people who are with us 30 or 40 years. The longevity part of it can be a problem if you don’t move with the times, and it can be great if you can shift and move.
“There have been a lot of changes in the music industry, with [music] downloading and the internet, and we just have to fight them as they come, try to stay current and realise that everybody will go for the best price, so you’ve got to be very competitive and give the service.”
Walton’s said goodbye to their first home in Frederic Street and moved to the Blanchardstown Retail Park in August, 2013.
Of the move, Walton said: “We decided to change from Frederic Street, where we had been for 90 years, to Blanchardstown, reflecting the change in demographics and the way people shop.
“I think the move to Blanchardstown has worked out very well. We had great belief that we could do it and it turned out to be correct.
“It’s gone very well and everybody is very proud of it. It’s doing exactly what it said on the tin and what we hoped it would do.”
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