Imogen Wilde: “While on tour we stay in different people’s houses, which I find really interesting and fun”

UP AND coming actress Imogen Wilde is currently on tour as Lulu in Harold Pinter’s highly-acclaimed play, The Birthday Party, and having earned the much-sought after role just fresh out of drama school, it is clear to see that Wilde has a lucrative career ahead of her.
This week, The Gazette spoke to the young actress while she was on tour to find out what a day in her life is like.
“It’s going really well. This is my first real theatre job and the whole experience is all completely new to me. It’s very nice being on tour for the first time, and I’ve visited so many different theatres around the UK so far.
“My day usually begins around 9.30am – it’s not too early, since I would be working until about 10 the night before.
“While on tour we stay in different people’s houses, which I find really interesting and fun. At the moment, I’m in Eastbourne, which is a really beautiful place to be and is also the town where the play is set.
“We’re not required to do anything during the day unless we have a matinee, so we’re free to do whatever we like.
“I usually head to the gym with another member of the cast or spend my time preparing for the show.
“We had three weeks’ worth of rehearsals in London for this show, which seems like a short time, but is actually relatively normal.
“On the first day that we arrive at a new theatre, we have to do a lot of preparation and checks, which includes adjusting to the different types of stage.
“When I go to a new theatre I do a big warm-up on stage to get my voice and body ready, and then just take it from there,” she said.
Wilde added that playing Lulu – a childish, flirtatious young woman who ultimately becomes the victim of a sexual assault – was difficult as she deems that Pinter was better suited at writing male characters.
“I don’t think he knew young women very much, but even still, she is a really interesting character to play who undergoes a very big journey.
“At the beginning, she seems strong-willed and sure of herself, but in reality she is quite easily manipulated due to the fact that she’s in this boring small town, desperate for excitement.”
Asked what she does to unwind after a night of performing on stage, Wilde said: “We often go for a drink together afterwards because when you finish a performance, you’ve got loads of energy and need to release it in some way or another.
“Sometimes though, I just love heading back to my digs and catch up on my favourite TV shows on my laptop.”
Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party will run from May 30 to June 4 at The Gaiety Theatre, with tickets priced from €18.15.
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