St Mochta’s set for complete overhaul

by Gazette Reporter
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THE design plans for the redevelopment of St Mochta’s National School with state-of-the art classrooms, a new library and general purpose hall have been revealed.

Tony Rock of the board of management at St Mochta’s primary outlined design proposals for a new school at the national school situated on the Porterstown Road.

The school was approached by the Department of Education around eight years ago to move from a three-stream to a four-stream school (four classes for each year), with a promise that they would be fast-tracked through the school building programme.

However, that did not happen and it is only now that plans for the long-awaited school are beginning to take shape.

Previous attempts over the years to redevelop it had fallen through for a number of reasons leading to a delay in the process.

The school is now full to capacity with 892 pupils.

The planned building design for the school was outlined during a recent public meeting about proposals to close Porterstown level-crossing at the school.

A number of options were looked at including completely demolishing it and rebuilding it.

But the best option was to maintain the original school and incorporate a two-storey classroom building, a library and sporting facilities.

“The decision was taken by the Department of Education to clear the site over two phases and to build a brand new 32-classroom facility school with modern sporting facilities and modern library facilities,” Tony said.

“In doing that we wanted to maintain any historical buildings that exist on this site and for that reason it was decided to maintain the white school which sits up at the front of our school on the Clonsilla Road.

“We wanted to maintain that structure and incorporate it into a brand new design for the school,” he said.

The new plan for the school is a 32-classroom school with most of the classrooms coming down the Porterstown Road with the main library and sports facilities looking out onto the Clonsilla Road.

The school plans to build it in two phases, with the north wing to be demolished first and additional prefabs at the rear of the school accommodating an additional 16 prefab classrooms for a year and a half while the library, sports facilities, the white school and a new wing of classrooms are built.

The second phase will be for the remainder of the classrooms. The total timeframe was given as an estimated two- to two-and-a-half years.

Further public meetings on the plans are due to take place in the New Year.

It is hoped that the school will go to the planning stage next spring.

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