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AS SHE made her way around the country gigging and promoting her new album, Scars on the Calendar, singer Mary Coughlan took time out to chat to The Gazette about a day in her busy life.
“I get up at around 7am, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. My routine for the past seven months has been a bit difficult, with touring.
“Anyway, I make myself a green smoothie in my magic bullet, or whatever you call that [blender] thing!
“It’s made from celery and parsley, spinach and kale, and all of that. That’s to do two things: to lower my blood pressure, which is very high, and to give me a green boost.
“My daughter, Claire, lives with me and she has a two-and-a-half-year-old son. So we have a great time running around the house with him.
“In the past week, my life has been fairly hectic. I turn on the computer in the morning and then I have a big stack of envelopes and a big stack of CDs and a magic marker and I sign the CDs.
“Then I go to the post office and go for a walk. I try to walk every day for an hour, which happens some days but doesn’t happen other days.”
Coughlan also works with inner city Youthreach children, giving them pointers on a singing career, and usually sings for them. The day before The Gazette spoke to her, she drove to Galway and saw her father and her sister.
She added: “Then I got up early this morning and went to Galway Bay FM and had my hair done in Galway, and had a lovely lunch there in a place called Kai, the Maori name for food.
“A New Zealand couple own it, and I always go there. I get coffee from Urban Grind. I’m really into good coffee, so I normally have to go in search for it.
“Now I’m on the road to Roscommon and have a gig at 8pm, I probably won’t get anything else to eat. I might have a protein bar – I’m trying to lose weight.
“After the gig, I go to bed, get up and will do an hour’s walk in the morning, and then I drive to Ballina for a gig.”
Coughlan is a great reader but also has a love for Netflix. Her favourite shows include House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.
After a long day, she needs no help in getting to sleep, and is out like a light right away. “I’m usually knackered by the time bed beckons,” she said.
Mary Coughlan plays the Abbey Tavern in Howth on June 20, before continuing her tour in Cork and Kerry.

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