No slacking off for TV’s Lazy Chef

by Gazette Reporter

TV3 personality Simon Lamont stars in the network’s unique cooking show The Lazy Chef and it seems a day for him can be very hectic, travelling to a different part of the country each day to source food before retiring to the kitchen to prepare it.
This week the Gazette spoke with Lamont about what constitutes A Day in the Life of a Lazy Chef.
“It is a six o’clock rise, you gather your thoughts, think about the day ahead of you: ‘Where are we today? We’re in Mayo, we’re going fishing. What do we need for that?” I get my tackle together.
“We went deep sea fishing for mackerel and pollock, but the gods of the sea and Neptune never make things easy for you.
“We kept saying ‘another 20 minutes and we’ll get these fish’ and then eventually they came and they were fighters! Fishing scenes are unpredictable, we went fly fishing when we were shooting in Kilkenny, and the experts we were with were saying ‘don’t worry, you’ll catch’, and we didn’t catch a thing. More often it’s reality that bites,” he said.
“Going to a buffalo farm or a goat farm or a chicken coop is a bit more reliable. We talk with the farmers and the producers, seeing where the food comes from, where the raw ingredients originate from, that’s a fun aspect of it.
“We’ll go to an apple cider farm then from there we’ll go to a local farmer, then get some pork off a local butcher and in the evening go down to some guy’s kitchen and cook pork belly and cider potato’s.
“Generally I’m not very hungry in the morning when I’m on a shoot because I know I’m going to be eating all day. I eat all day on a shoot, it’s crazy. I make a last minute check of the couple of lines I need to learn, get an idea of my script in my own head.
“The day is very hectic, very hands on, you go from the kitchen to out and about with contributors. It’s a full on day once you’re finished one thing you’re straight on to another.
“Because there are different sections in the show you’re meeting two or three different people each day and then you’re cooking in a couple of different kitchens, it’s fun.
“Once the cameras get rolling hours get eaten up just like that, and then the next thing you know it’s six or seven o’clock and you’re trying to squeeze in the last of the day’s shots. 10 o’clock comes around really quickly and I have a quick glass of wine and it’s time for bed again.”
You can catch Simon Lamont on The Lazy Chef on TV3 each Thursday at 8.30pm.

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