Shock as two men shot in broad daylight in a week

by Dave O'Connor
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THREE children walking with their mother came across the critically injured victim of the capital’s latest shooting at Dun Emer Place in Lusk on Tuesday morning.
Father-of-two Christopher Maguire, 38, was blasted three times in the face and upper body – but managed to call 999 and was conscious when paramedics arrived.
The victim, originally from Ballymun but living in the Dun Emer housing estate where the shooting occurred, was found lying on the footpath close to his car.
Maguire is not suspected of any involvement in the bloody Kinahan/Hutch feud, but some of his closest associates are believed to be “guns for hire” for the Kinahan side and fled the country after being quizzed over the murder of Gareth Hutch.
Detectives are also probing the possibility that the shooting may be linked to a row in the so-called “New INLA” faction over extortion cash.
Gardai removed the blood-stained clothes Maguire had been wearing when he was targeted by a hitman armed with a handgun and silencer. The weapon was later recovered in a burnt-out getaway car – a Volkswagen Golf – in a nearby field at Kilhedge Lane.
The driver’s side window of Maguire’s white Volkwagen Passat at the scene was smashed, with glass and bullet casings strewn on the road at the quiet cul de sac.
Detectives are now trawling through CCTV footage from a nearby premises that is believed to show the attackers making their escape.
Children on their summer holidays were among the onlookers who gathered at the scene.
Shocked resident James Jameson said: “I’ve been living here three years and there has never been anything like this. I knew something was wrong when the road was packed with police cars and ambulances. I’m feeling scared here now.”
Another resident said: “It happened in broad daylight. You see all the kids out here on their bikes. If it’d been a bit later, God knows what could have happened.”
North Dublin Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee condemned the brazen shooting in “a quiet suburban neighbourhood such as Dun Emer”.
Fingal TD Louise O’Reilly also condemned it, and repeated her call for Rush Garda Station to be reopened.

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