Shankill cemetery sees another break in as more security called for

by Gary Ibbotson

A woman who was visiting her brother’s grave at Shanganagh Cemetery returned to the car park to find her car window smashed and handbag stolen.

Posting online, the woman said: “Sorry to say but whilst visiting my brother’s grave in Shanganagh I was robbed. I was only approximately 4ft from my locked car when my window was smashed and my bag taken.

“Just a warning to those visiting loved ones that it is advisable not to bring any valuables as having them in the boot of a locked car is no deterrent.”

Robberies at the car park are not unheard of with the problem reoccurring so often a couple of years ago that CCTV had to be implemented.

Labour councillor for the area, Carrie Smyth said: “I am very disappointed to hear vehicles are been broken into again at Shanganagh Cemetery. 

“Those carry out these burglaries are targeting visitors to the cemetery, when they are vulnerable and visiting graves of loved ones. 

“A number of years ago there was a spate of robberies to people and vehicles visiting Shanganagh Cemetery and the Council erected CCTV cameras to assist the Garda in their enquiries, which stopped the burglaries. 

“Hopefully An Garda with the assistance of the CCTV cameras and witnesses can catch those who are carrying out these recent robberies.”

Another councillor for Shankill, Denis O’Callaghan says that he is “sorry to hear of the recent break into a car parked in Shanganagh Cemetery and the loss of personnel belongings.

“Again, this most recent incident highlights the need not to leave property and valuables visible in cars when visiting the cemetery but lock them away out of sight of prying eyes,” he said.

In August last year a visitor to the cemetery was standing next to her car when it was broken into.

“My friends car was broken into yesterday afternoon at Shanganagh graveyard,” said a woman in an online post.

“They got her handbag and purse from the car and then ran off and jumped into a silver 08 car.

“She was standing by her car when this happened which didn’t seem to bother the lad who done it so I would be very careful about bringing any bags or purses to that place as this has happened to loads of people up there recently,” she said.

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