Seapoint rugby celebrate 80 years

by Gazette Reporter

SEAPOINT Rugby Club may be 80 years old this year, but speaking to the newly elected Club President, Eddie Duffy, it is still a club firmly looking forward rather than back and are in preparation mode for the new season already.

The Kilbogget Park side are currently running a recruitment drive for the club’s senior and U-20 sides ahead of the start of the season in September. Speaking exclusively to GazetteSport, Duffy, who was announced as Club President just two weeks ago, said: “The season may still be a bit away but already we have lads back in the gym already.

“Obviously there are going to be a number of lads on holiday around this time but we want to put the message out there that anyone who fancies playing Senior or U-20 rugby next season, we’ll be here all summer so come in or contact myself or club offices for more information. We’re also hoping to have a ladies section next season too which is open to anyone who is interested.”

When the subject of the club’s 80th anniversary arose, Duffy informed of us a humorous tale which dates back to that very first year. He said: “Well in 1934, when the club was founded, we were a bit nomadic and played our games kind of all over the place (they’ve been in their Kilbogget Park home the last 37 years),” said the Club President.

He continued: “Anyway when we applied for our license, we had white gear, and were initially turned away. Then, someone in the club managed to get their hands on a spare set or old set of gear that belonged to Queens University, which was green, blue and black. We went back and reapplied for the license. We were given the license but only because we’ll only last a year and will never go far enough to ever play Queens.

“Well fast forward 80 years and we’ve played Queens five times and are still wearing those famous colours, although we’ve had to wear the away kit in those games in many occasions,” laughed Duffy.
Also when you fast forward 80 years you see a club who are one of the most progressive in their thinking in Dublin, which Duffy game example to. “One thing we’re very proud is our Seapoint Dragons team,” he said. “To have a team completely dedicated to providing rugby and fun children with special needs or disabilities is a fantastic service to offer and we are one of the few clubs to do so.”

The club will hold a large outdoor open event in the middle of August to celebrate the 80th anniversary which will include a BBQ and activities for all the family before the new season kicks off.

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