Scales new heights of PS4 gaming greatness

by Shane Dillon

BELIEVE it or not, but this is the third time this page has been put together – the first two versions were overcooked reviews, but a game like the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn (Cert 16) perhaps can just let its visuals do the work, rather than words.
And what visuals! At last, we have a game worthy of a similar level of acclaim as Uncharted 4 – yes, it really is that good, and even better in some ways, in some places.
The game’s main loading screen largely sums up the game’s core idea: “Earth, the far future. Nature has reclaimed the ruins of our forgotten civilisation, but humanity lives on in primitive tribes.
“In this new wilderness, they fight for survival against the machines, fearsome mechanical creatures of unknown origin.”
That sums up the core idea at the heart of this game, as Aloy, a young huntress who was raised as an outcast from the Nora tribe, seeks to rejoin it and discover why she was cast out as a baby.
It isn’t long before Aloy is sent on a world-trotting quest by Nora’s matriarch, with Aloy free to roam the truly vast, beautiful and dangerous open world, which is littered with rusting relics and tumbled overgrown ruins from long ago, before Man’s mysterious fall.
Aloy’s trying to disover why the robots (which evoke several animals and dinosaurs) the humans and tribes hunt for resources are being corrupted, and are becoming deadlier by the day.
Is Aloy’s fate tied to the world’s, and where will her journey take her?
There’s a lot more to the game than this simplistic summary, with Horizon taking an awful lot of element familiar from other big games, but mixing everything together to create a unique title.
However, the end result is an early contender for game of the year, and is definitely a must-buy.

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