Save up to 30% with own-brands

by Gazette Reporter

WITH the SuperValu Switch and Save campaign well under way, I thought I’d test SuperValu’s promise that up to a third of savings could be made by switching to their home brands.

Aside from the savings, I was also curious if the cheaper, own-brand products would taste much the same.

I faced this challenge at SuperValu Churchtown – one of the chain’s largest stores, with an extensive range with almost 2,000 own-brand products.

With SuperValu telling me the range was, on average, 33% cheaper than branded equivalents, with savings of up to €4,000 a year to be made, I was eager to see for myself.

I picked up branded products as I went, while a SuperValu companion chose own-brand equivalents. All products were the same sizes or weight, so I could see like-for-like the savings that could potentially be made.

I started with the basics: branded milk, priced €1.99, versus the chain’s own-brand, priced €1.49. My beloved butter costs €2.95, while the own-brand costs €2.19.

I was shocked to discover the difference between teas. The branded product costs €3.49, while the SuperValue-branded teabags costs €1.49 – a huge saving.

I was also taken aback by the difference in coffee, with the branded choice costing €4.55, while SuperValu equivalent cost €1.75.

There are some areas where the savings aren’t immense, but for the most part, it is evident that great savings can be made.

Also, the cheesecake was delicious, and better than the branded product. The blue, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses were all good; the branded parmesan costs €4.49, while SuperValu’s cheese costs €2.99.

SuperValu say by shopping across their range of products, and by replacing their usual brand choice with one of their own-brand equivalents, consumers can save €79.63 off the family weekly shop that would normally cost €151.74; €58.27 on a couple’s weekly shop that would normally cost €110.93; €39.02 on a weekend top-up shop that would normally cost €81.40, and €15.60 on a daily essentials shop that would normally cost €27.97.

At the checkout, SuperValu’s promise stood up. The branded shop came to €322, while theirs came to €212, giving an approximate saving of just over 30%, in this case.

There are certain branded products we are never going to give up, and in my opinion, there is a taste difference between some of the products.

But, in today’s cash-strapped society, savings of 30% is something I’m all for.

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