Roadworks round the corner to completion

by Gazette Reporter
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The long-awaited completion date for the roadworks at the Lissenhall roundabout is finally in sight.
Fingal County Council has this week confirmed that the completion date for the roadworks will be as soon as the end of March or beginning of April.
It will bring substantial relief to motorists who have had to endure major traffic congestion since the beginning of the works in January 2012.
Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) welcomed the news saying it will be of “great relief” to many motorists and will ensure a safer commute.
“I really look forward to this project being completed in time for the summer season and it will be a great relief for Donabate and Portrane residents,” he said.
“Hopefully it will be a lot safer as well. There were a few people reporting some traffic accidents to me and cars coming around the roundabout not knowing who had the right of way so hopefully it will be a lot safer and a lot smoother for people.”
The original December 2012 target completion date was delayed due to additional works to be carried out with respect to drainage issues.
“I think a lot of the work was happening underground so I think the residents were wondering was it really on target. I’m told now that the underground work is completed and we should start seeing the over ground work being completed.”
At a recent council meeting, the council said that considerable progress was made to the works over the last month, mainly due to dry weather and the contractor completing the installation of the last sections of the cycle tracks and footpaths.
In a statement, the council said the contractor was currently working on building traffic islands and kerbing at the junction to Hearse Road.
“The contractor is planning to complete all works at Lissenhall by the end of March provided the weather is not too cold to prohibit the laying of macadam,” the statement read.
According to the council, the visual appearance of the junction should take on a finished look over the next few weeks, as all the temporary barriers will be removed and the junction will be opened to all final traffic movements.
The works at Lissenhall consisted of upgrading the junction to provide extra capacity for various movements, with underpasses constructed to maintain existing cycle/pedestrian traffic capacity.

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