Rise in bus fare causes concern

by Gazette Reporter

Dublin 15 bus commuters will be paying an average of €6 a day to get to and from their city centre workplace as the National Transport Authority announce fare increases.

CIE public transport services, including Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Bus Eireann, as well as the Luas are set to increase.
Fares on monthly, annual and tax-saver tickets will increase from November 1, while cash tickets, Leap Card and pre-paid tickets will go up a month later, from December 1.

Castleknock councillor Matt Waine (SP) said the increase will mean anyone going from Dublin 15 to town will now be paying €6.10 to get to and from work, as cash prices increase from €2.80 to €3.05 (prices for over 13 stages).

“That is over €30 a week, for those commuting five days a week, and over €120 a month. State bodies aim to encourage an increase in the use of public transport but when you do the maths it’s more reliable and economical to take the car.

“People’s incomes have shrunk significantly over the years. I have calculated that since 2011 there has been a 33% increase on Dublin Bus journeys, which is a significant spike.

“What has also happened is that there has been a further decline in services, and it has affected routes, like the 39 route and the 38 route… so what we have is a spike in fares for a reduced quality in service.

“It is also paving the ground for the privatisation of the Dublin Bus service,” he said.

Gerry Murphy, chief executive of the National Transport Authority, explained that fare increases were required to protect transport service delivery at a time of reduced incomes for the operators. He pointed out that Leap Card fares would be significantly cheaper than cash fares, and he encouraged as many people as possible to switch to a Leap Card for their day-to-day journey.

The full list of fare increases is available at www.nationaltransport.ie

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