Residents object to TV shows’ filming

by Aisling Kennedy

A DISPUTE over shows such as Penny Dreadful and Ripper Street being shot on Dublin’s Henrietta Street has erupted in the last few weeks.
Some local residents, who say they have had long-running issues with filming on the street due to health and safety concerns and a lack of access to their homes at times, have secured a moratorium with Dublin City Council to prevent permits being issued for filming on the street.
The council told the Gazette the moratorium could, potentially, last for the next six months.
Production companies that have already received permits, however, can still go ahead with planned filming on Henrietta Street within the next six months.
However, the street’s residents are exempt from the restriction and if any of them wishes to allow filming in their home this is permitted.
The moratorium, which is in effect since November 13, is due to last six months but a spokesperson for the council said: “It could be shorter if an agreement can be reached between all the stakeholders involved. Filming on Henrietta Street can cause inconvenience and nuisance to all residents, but only some are opposed to it. An intensive consultation process will be carried out during the moratorium, with the objective of getting an agreed set of procedures, protocols around filming on this street that achieves a reasonable balance of the needs of the film makers and the needs/quality of life for residents.”
Catherine Tiernan, membership and business affairs executive of Screen Producers Ireland, told the Gazette: “Ripper Street and Penny Dreadful would be the biggest productions that happen on Henrietta Street… Penny Dreadful is a major employer in the Irish film and television industry so it’s a huge employer in the greater Dublin area.
“There is a very sophisticated protocol that has been worked out with the residents, property owners, Dublin City Council and the Irish Film Board but one or two property owners refuse to sign or engage with it…we don’t just swing into town and do it…everybody is informed quite a long time in advance.”
Edward Casey, a resident of Henrietta Street opposed to filming on the street, told the Gazette: “Henrietta Street has been used to represent the Dickensian squalor of London, be that for Ripper Street or Penny Dreadful, so it’s not even an appropriate use of the street. It’s not representing Dublin, it’s not representing Ireland and it’s a massive inconvenience to the local residents.”

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