Repetitive Delirium not very memorable

by Gazette Reporter

WITH Delirium (Polydor/Warners), British singer Ellie Goulding has put together what is essentially a playlist of singles destined for frequent repeat on the radio and in the clubs, all with catchy rhythms and her this-can-only-be-Ellie-Goulding-singing distinctive vocal style.
She’s pulled out the big guns, working with big-name producers like Max Martin, and has already announced a world tour for the album — there aren’t any ballads as such in the 16 tracks.
Overall, Delirium is a polished effort, if not a particularly memorable one.
It includes Love Me Like You Do, her smash hit from the Fifty Shades of Gray movie as well as the single currently getting airplay, On My Mind.
Other highlights are Keep On Dancin’ and Don’t Need Nobody.
It gets repetitive, dance track after dance track, and lyrically it’s fairly bland — Love! Attraction! Ooh!
But if you’re looking for something that will get you to move, this will do it.
It is unfortunate that Delirium cannot reach that level more consistently.
Part of the problem is the album’s length: Delirium is almost an hour in its shortest form, and there are deluxe versions of the album that stretch out over 25 tracks.
Even appreciating Goulding’s prolific output, this suggests she likes these songs so much she can’t bear to let them go.
But pop is an art form that rewards concision, and this album’s stronger tracks get lost in clumps that do not connect.

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