Renovating your home? Then ask the experts

by Ian Begley

INTERIOR design enthusiast and Dubliner Jane Higgins has decided to set up her own interior design service, offering her expertise to people looking to renovate their homes.

Higgins, who is a home design consultant, graduated from DIT College of Marketing and Design with an advanced diploma in environmental/spatial design, and has worked in the design industry in Dublin, Paris, New York and Australia.
With her new business, Jane Higgins Home Design, she advises people on the re-configuration of spaces to maximise their potential.
With 18 years’ experience she can design and fit all types of bespoke furniture for homes, including designer kitchens, traditional and contemporary wardrobes, bathrooms, home offices, living room and alcove units.
Speaking to The Gazette, Higgins said: “My expertise would be in kitchens and living room furniture, wardrobes and utility rooms so I can design and manufacture every type of fitted furniture for the home.
“I can do a one-off piece of furniture and also offer a design consultancy service.”
Asking what made her take on this business enterprise, Higgins said: “I just think that there’s an upturn in the market and it’s a good time to open [an interior design company] and if you can keep your overheads down there will certainly be a lot of people looking for help.
“People are now starting to renovate and refurbish, and are starting to move house again so there’s definitely a demand for people needing help with designing their homes these days – there’s plenty of work out there.
“I’ve been working in Dublin for a long time now and have done a lot of work within the kitchen and furniture business so I would have good contacts, but it also has a lot to do with getting your name out there through word of mouth.
“I’m working from home but I offer a free design consultation. I call out to people’s homes and have a chat with people about whether they’re looking for a one-off piece of furniture or a more intensive design service,” said Higgins.
For further information about her services, visit or phone 087 662 2356.

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