‘Reinstate residents to electoral register’

by Gazette Reporter

A local councillor has called on Fingal County Council to take action this week, after a number of residents were removed from the electoral register without their knowledge.

The removal from the register only came to light when they were unable to vote in the latest referendums held in October.

Local councillor Eoghan O’Brien (FF) has said the residents in question were “very annoyed” following the incident and is calling on the council to ensure those removed be reinstated to the register.

Cllr O’Brien has said he was approached by a number of people living in the Malahide Marina and the Galtrim Grange Estate.

“There were a heap of people knocked off the register without their knowledge. They turned up to vote on the day of the referendums and were told they weren’t on the register,” he explained.

“The council are saying they sent letters to people but according to the people I have been dealing with, they never got any such correspondence.”

Cllr O’Brien said one resident from Malahide Marina has lived and voted from the same address for 12 years.

“The council are going to have to look at their system of updating the register because this happens every time there is a referendum. People are knocked off incorrectly and the council doesn’t seem to take any responsibility for it.”

The council confirmed that a total of 9,947 voters were deleted from the register this year, most of which were either deceased or had moved address.  The council said approximately 30 complaints had been received by residents who were unable to vote on the referendums.

A spokesperson for the council said it is the responsibility of every voter to ensure they are correctly registered to vote.

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