Reader ready to reel in her Irish audience

by Staff Reporter

One of Scotland’s national treasures Eddi Reader returns to Ireland this month for her seventh annual Irish tour, and will play a special date at Vicar Street on February 19.

Eddi is back in Ireland after a hugely successful 2014 and the release of her acclaimed solo album, Vagabond. It’s remarkable to look back at her long list of achievements – an MBE, three Brit awards, eight records in her own right and a timeless number one single, Perfect which she made with Fairground Attraction.

Speaking to GazetteMusic recently, Eddi was thrilled at the prospect of playing here again.

“It’s a tradition that’s going back a few years now. As long as there’s an audience, I’ll always invest time in singing to people. Music is always a communication, a voluntary communication. To indulge is always the choice of the audience, not the performer. I don’t like big publicity drives that tell people they should be buying this or listening to that.

“I’m hoping that just by presenting it in my own easy way, it’ll be enough to attract people to stop and listen, and then encourage me to continue, and that’s what seems to be happening in Ireland. I went to Ireland and there was a little audience, and I came back and there were more, and now I have to do the likes of Vicar Street.”

Eddi will be performing with former Trashcan Sinatras John Douglas and Boo Hewerdine on guitars, Alan Kelly on piano accordion and Kevin McGuire on double bass. Eddi explained that she is thrilled to be surrounded by such virtuoso performers, which means for her that everyone gets their time in the spotlight and that everyone on stage is the star.

“I can sing the beautiful songs, and I don’t have to worry about it all. I shouldn’t be all about one person singing for an hour or two, I love when you get tunes coming out of songs and the instrumentation being raised up and as important as the singer.”

As to what fans can expect, Eddi said that every night would be unique, but with one thing in common.

“I can sing in an intimate room and bring people on a journey with me, with a spontaneous setlist and storytelling, or I can hit them with songs they recognise. It’s like an old house party, especially when everyone is up for a bit of a ceilidh.”

Eddi’s tour begins on February 12 in Kilkenny and comes to Vicar Street on February 19 – details can be found at You can find out more at You can listen to the full version of this interview at

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