Protest stops work on pathway

by Gazette Reporter
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Residents protesting against a large new cycle path through green space near their estate have halted construction work while the county council look at other options for the project.
Work on the new pathway was brought to a standstill on Monday, August 19 when local residents sat in protest at the construction ground where the cycle path was being constructed – from one side of the green space near Castlewood Estate in Hartstown to the other side. The cycle path is part of the Ongar/Castaheany Cycle scheme approved back in September 2012.
Castlewood resident and protester, Bernadette Rynne, said some residents were unaware of Fingal’s plans to construct this “large” path through the green that is used by children and when they found out what was going on they acted straight away.
“We have a beautiful green here which our children used to play on. We already have problems with motorcycles and scramblers using this space, this will only make it worse. The path is too wide – it’s big enough for cars to go through it.
“I believe it could put our children in harm’s way,” Bernadette explained.
A number of bollards were set to be installed which the residents think will take away from the look of their “beautiful” open space.
Following their protest, officials from Fingal County Council agreed to meet the residents to discuss their concerns on Monday.
Speaking to the Gazette after the meeting, Bernadette said: “We as residents have put in three options [including going around the open space] and we hope that maybe one of these options will be used, but they seem to be adamant about putting it through this open space.
“It just seems that these cycle lanes are going nowhere except onto the road – the path goes through the green, but then it doesn’t come out on to a cycle path just on the road – which I think is ludicrous.
“The final conclusion has not been given yet. Construction [going across the green] has now been put on hold.
“They were putting in these ugly bollards and the position of these bollards is every 150m. We just feel that these bollards are unacceptable. They diminish the aesthetic look of our community’s green area.
“There are other options – the paths along these roads [surrounding the green] are certainly wide enough to put a cyclist path there,” she continued.
The residents say they have further questions to ask and say they will continue to protest until they get a conclusion that is “suitable to all”.
“We will meet again to discuss this further,” Bernadette added.
A council spokesperson said works have recently commenced on the Ongar/Castaheany Cycle Scheme, which runs through the open space at Castlewood estate.
The scheme was put out on public display from May 31, 2012 – July 12, 2012 and was approved by the members of the county council on September 10, 2012.
“Discussions are currently ongoing with the residents of Castlewood estate in relation to the construction of the scheme,” the spokesperson added.

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