Plan for student housing complex

by Gazette Reporter
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Planning permission for the construction of a seven-storey student residence complex has been given the thumbs up by Dublin City Council.
A decision to grant planning permission for the complex, located at the former IDA Small Business Centre bound by Gardiner Street Lower, Summerhill and Gloucester Place Upper, was made on December 22.
The development will consist of the demolition of all existing structures on the site including 18 light industrial units comprising 1,330 sq m to make way for the construction of a student residence complex and a cafe/restaurant.
The overall building will comprise 16,994 sq m incorporating a seven-storey building with six storeys plus a setback level.
There will be a reception area, a management suite, a gym, laundry area, communal living room/kitchen, a study room and seminar room.
The student accommodation consists of 134 units ranging from 32 one-bed studios; four three-bed units; 29 four-bed units; 68 five-bed units and one eight-bed unit.
Independent councillor for North Inner City Gary Gannon said there was a big need for such accommodation.
“There is a need for more student accommodation particularly around the central area where you can get transport easily to Trinity, DCU, UCD and other institutions.
“To be honest, I am happy to see students coming into the area. I think the area could do with an influx of new people that might bring new ideas and new energy to the area.
“I am particularly delighted to see the demolition of the IDA building, it’s been a real eyesore to the area so I am happy to see that building is finally going. It has become a sight of dereliction and a spot for anti-social behaviour for too long.
“I hope the students, when they arrive, will get a huge inner city welcome,” he said.

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