The Picky Eater

by Gazette Reporter

So often when I go for dinner, I despair at the lack of fish options on the menu and every time I say the same thing: “We are an island, for God’s sake. And a small one at that. Why, oh why do we not have more fish on our menus?”
My husband is fed up listening to me, but it still surprises me, every time. The situation is getting better but still needs much improvement.
So when I get to go to an actual fish restaurant, known for its seafood, it’s a joy.
Hence we went on an excursion to King Sitric in Howth recently. It’s worth the trip.
Owned by Joan and Aidan McManus, this place has been a stalwart in Howth for the last 40 years and they are both still very actively involved, making this place a great family restaurant that people keep returning to.
They now have East Cafe Bar just below the main restaurant which is a less formal dining experience but with some cracking fish dishes on offer.
There is a lovely bar area in the restaurant where you can enjoy a pre-dinner drink and we decided to partake of that while mulling over the menu.
The range of fish available is extensive but they always manage to have some nice specials on there too.
I started with Dublin Bay Prawns in tempura; fluffy and succulent prawns with batter made super light with mineral water.
These came with noodles and dipping sauce. My husband decided on the scallops with pancetta, chesnut puree and fried pumpkin.
Both starters were a massive success story and only whet the appetite for the main event: lobster lawyer and the king of fish, turbot.
Lobster Lawyer was cooked in a whiskey, cream and mustard sauce and served in a half shell.
The turbot came on a bed of mash with a creamy bisque like sauce and this fish lived up to its credentials.
King Sitric’s famous sticky meringue with chocolate sauce and ice cream appealed to my inner child and won me over while my husband plumped for a more serious panna cotta which was light enough after the lawyer.
The Hugel Pinot Blanc is specially bottled for King Sitric and is a really excellent house wine and was a fine accompaniment to the fish. And at €24 a bottle, it won’t break the bank.
Three courses in King Sitric costs €37 with some supplements applying.
If you don’t wish to make the long journey home after a really relaxing meal with superb views, book a room in the accommodation attached to the restaurant.
They have great sea views and you get to sample more of the McManus’s fine food for breakfast too.
What’s not to love?
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