His perfect timing is key to a full day

by Gazette Reporter

EVER-popular comedian PJ Gallagher took The Gazette on a trip through an average day in his life ahead of his upcoming tour date in Vicar Street this April.
Waking up at 5am before heading into studio to broadcast his breakfast show on Classic Hits FM, Gallagher makes sure to get a good aul brekkie to set him up for the day.
“The first thing I’ll do is have three Weetabix with skimmed milk, stuck into a bowl and a Berocca energy boost to make sure that I have a bit of energy inside me. Then I jump into the shower – I have my little routine timed perfectly.
“I stick on some Euronews and see what way the world is going, then let the dog out to the toilet if she wants to go but normally she just tries to jump into the bed when I get up.
“She loves the warm bit, and though she shouldn’t be in there I haven’t the heart to take her out because it’s so cold in the house when I get up.
“Then I look at the bicycle and try and talk myself into cycling – and every single morning I just jump on the motorbike [a Triumph 800] and head off,” he says.
Once in the studio, he checks the papers to see if there’s anything worth talking about on the show.
“The show runs from 6am to 10am with Damien [Farrelly]. The whole idea of the show is basically to convince people that it’s okay to get up out of bed and go into the world.
“We play 70s and 80s music, so a lot of dancing goes on.”
Then it’s home to take out his two dogs, Wendy and Lilo.
When it comes to dinner, it seems this comedian is more used to the phone dial than the cooker’s dial.
“If I don’t have a gig I’ll have dinner at 6.30pm. I’m a terrible cook!
“I don’t cook anything and the days I don’t have a chopped salad, I get a Chinese [takeaway]. I’m either extremely healthy or extremely unhealthy.
“I always call up to my mother in the evening to say hello; she only lives up the road in Clontarf, and I’m in Marino.
“I spend an hour there and ramble home and either get stuck into Netflix or try and write some jokes for stand-up.
“I go to bed at 9pm on the button every night. As soon as the news starts I run up to bed and hang all my clothes inside the bathroom so they’re all ready to jump into as soon as I get out of the shower in the morning.”
Tickets for PJ Gallagher’s show, Concussion, on April 17 at Vicar Street are available from www.ticketmaster.ie, priced €25.

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