Pat’s amount of projects are nothing short of D’Unbelievable

by Emma Nolan
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Having recently starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of Inismaan on Broadway, The Gazette caught up with comedian and actor Pat Shortt to find out about his latest projects and why he thinks writing is “f***ing miserable!”
The popular Limerick funnyman, who is best known for his hilarious show, D’Unbelievables, was in town for the launch of TV3’s new-look autumn schedule, which includes his new drama, Smalltown.
Shortt has a long list of projects he’s been working on – his latest movie is due out in October, and he’s gearing up to take his new live show on the road from next month.
He told The Gazette: “I’m writing a new live show at the moment, which has me in the office writing, scripting, editing, proofing posters – basically, doing everything to get ready for the tour to start at the end of October in theatres all over Ireland.”

The show will also be going on the road to New Zealand, Australia and to New York, where he plans to visit his favourite pub there, the Red Lion in Greenwich Village.
He added: “I’m in Dublin doing a lot of publicity for that – the usual running around.”
As well as that, the busy Killinaskully actor’s latest film is coming out on October 14.
He said: “I’m really looking forward to that; it’s by the same team who did Man About Dog.”
Downtime doesn’t come often for Pat, but when it does he likes to go fishing on Lough Derg, leading him to muse: “The young fella and meself, we go camping and fishing and all that carry on.”
When asked if he prefers writing or acting, he said: “Acting, hands down! Writing is f***ing miserable!” he laughed.
“It’s miserable – it has its great moments where you get excited. What happens is, the craft of writing kicks in and you have to make it work either for stage or television.
“The mechanical aspect of it kicks in and you have to sacrifice good material to make it work. It’s like losing weight – it’s f***ing awful!”
It’s all go for Pat right now, and with a new RTE show also in the pipeline, we’ll soon be seeing him everywhere.

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