Office-ly good Christmas gifts

by Emma Nolan

KRIS Kringles at the office are a fun part of the Christmas ritual, but they can be awkward if you select someone you’ve only ever communicated with via email.

So, here are a selection of gifts to give you some inspiration for your Secret Santa, whether they turn out to be your best work buddy or someone you’ve never even had a coffee with!

While you usually can’t go wrong with a bottle of booze, they can come in over budget, so here are a few ideas for your Kris Kindle whether you work in a pub, shop or office (or even in a local newspaper)!

Best of all, most of these are very pocket- and budget-friendly – so, no need to slip IOU notes in the petty cash box – while a couple of pricier products could go down a treat if you’re trying to impress!


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