Although a hit with gamers, many people and businesses are unimpressed by the impact of the game, with some making their discontent clear

IN THE short time that Pokemon Go has spent being king of all things pop culture, the app has created several problems that its creators probably didn’t anticipate.
Distracted gamers have been injuring themselves walking onto roads and getting robbed by people using the game to lure them into traps.
One teenager in the US was even shot dead after breaking into a home to catch a Pokemon.
Dublin mum Rachel Murphy (not her real name) told The Gazette the horror she felt when finding out that her 12-year-old son met up with a man in his 40s in a public park while playing Pokemon Go.
She said: “I got a phone call from my neighbour informing me that she had seen my son and his friends running down to St Enda’s Park in Rathfarnham.
“When I rang him, he told me that he was in a friend’s house, but I said I knew exactly where he was and told him to get home immediately.
“Once he came back, I asked him what he was doing in the park, especially since it was closed. He told me he was chasing Pokemon, and that there was a virtual gym there [on his smartphone], which players can take over.
“When I asked him who he and his friends met up with, he told me it was a man in his 40s.
“Even though the man only had conversations about Pokemon with him, I still thought it was really inappropriate for him to be talking to a 12-year-old child.
“The thing that scares me is that you don’t know who you’re meeting until you get there in person, and I believe the game could lead to real dangers for perverts who want to take advantage of children who use it.”
Apart from such concerns, other people just don’t like Pokemon Go because of how people play it.
The Broadway Cafe and Gift Shop in Meath is one such establishment that has become a hot-spot for Pokemon since the app first launched.
There are so many Pokemon Go players in the area that owner Monica Hannigan had enough and decided to put up a sign to clearly indicate that they are no longer welcome to come inside, chasing Pokemon.
One man who definitely wasn’t a fan of the game put up a sign in his garden stating: “This whole Pokemon hunt is by far the stupidest thing I have ever seen”.
He then advised players to go to a bar up the street, have a beer and “seriously think about your life choices”.
Irish comedian Joe Heenan saw the sign, and decided to put up his own, more upbeat version, in his garden.
His reads: “This is a private garden, but if you see a Pokemon in here, come and get it. Enjoy life. This whole Pokemon hunt is by far one of the best things I have ever seen. Don’t let: bitter killjoys, people with no imagination, folk that hate fun, members of the Conservative Party, angry dads, Donald Trump tell you otherwise.
“This is awesome! Now go and catch as many f**king Pokemon as you can.”