No7 creates the foundation of a perfect look at Boots

by Gazette Reporter
No7 service

NO7 has gone all “techie” and says it’s set to revolutionise the face of Irish beauty with its foundation match-made service.

Finding the right colour to match skin tone can be hard, with some leaving faces whiter than white, while others could leave faces looking as if they’ve been tangoed. According to No7, its new service, which is exclusive to 48 Boots stores across Ireland, will help women discover their dream foundation in minutes.

No7 Foundation Match-Made Service finds the perfect No7 foundation shade and type for each individual skin tone. A special hand-held device uses a series of coloured and ultra violet lights to assess the tone, colour and lightness of facial skin in seconds. Trained No7 advisors use the device to measure skin colour and the device then matches it to one of the new, skin-true shades. By assessing the skin’s needs, the advisor helps to find a perfect type of foundation from the extensive range of finishes, formats and textures in the new No7 foundation range.

According to the cosmetic company, No7 experts measured the skin colour of more than 2,000 women to develop a new palette of skin-true shades. All of these skin-true colours remain true across each range, enabling women to choose the perfect colour match in the perfect type of foundation.

Debbie Smith, managing director, Boots Ireland, said: “We are extremely excited about celebrating the exclusive launch of the groundbreaking No7 Foundation Match-Made Service in our stores in Ireland. “The combination of a new palette of skin-true shades, based on three years’ worth of research by No7, with a device that takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect foundation, means that No7 is once again at the forefront of bringing great new products and services to our customers.” There is also an updated in-store look with a private consultation area for a more personal shopping experience.

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