New year, new Redmond

by Gazette Reporter
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John Redmond will look to bounce back after his promotional debut for Cage Warriors, a second round submission loss to Piotr Ptasinski back in June, when he faces rival Kieran Davern at the promotion’s New Year’s Eve show.

Having suffered through a broken bone on the night against Ptasinski, Redmond explained that the injury happened while he was warming up backstage for the bout.

“Just on the night we were doing what we usually do,” said Redmond in an interview with Fight Hounds. “We were warming up and I was bringing my knees up to my chest, but the mat slid on the floor and my foot twisted.

“When the mat slid my foot came down and I broke the base of my fifth metatarsal, the last bone in my little toe where I would do all my driving for wrestling. It was a bad one.”

Although he knew he would be unable to execute his game plan, Redmond showed great courage to fight through which led to him being signed on a five fight contract by Cage Warriors after impressing chief executive Graham Boylan.

“I wish it happened to me during the fight. I knew it was broken, so did everyone in the room, they were all saying ‘that’s a break’ and I tried to block it out. I just strapped it up as tight as I could, but unfortunately things didn’t go well for me on the night.

“When I was driving up against the cage and looking for double and single leg takedowns, I just couldn’t do it. It was a pretty helpless experience at certain points of the game.

“It worked out well for me in the end though because Graham Boylan praised my performance that night and I got a five-fight contract,” said the Malahide man.

Redmond also explained why the New Year’s Eve face off with Davern will pack a bit more punch than usual.

“There was a particular promotion at the time that wasn’t paying fighters or their staff and there was an online thread where people were discussing it.

“People were talking about not supporting this show and not fighting on it anymore – it was being done for professionals, people like Kieran.

“I was fairly riled up at the time. That’s why I’ve called him out and went looking for it, it’s a perfect fight for me. I’d like to bring him back to that particular thread on Cage Warriors New Year’s Eve show and right some wrongs,” said Redmond.

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