New Octavia builds on its previous success

by admin

The redesigned and much-improved Skoda Octavia impressed customers and critics alike when it was released earlier this year.

Already a firm favourite with motorists who knew a thing or two about great value for money with bullet-proof build quality, a new and improved model was a much-anticipated prospect.

And even though the 1.6 tdi version lived up to my expectations a few months back – it is the 2-litre tdi with the automatic DSG gearbox that just left me grinning ear-to-ear.

The Octavia deserves a model in this spec, it just feels as though it is as complete a car as you are likely to ever need.

It’s the most expensive model in the Octavia range, this 150bhp beauty will cost you a shade over €30,000, but for that you get every possible feature in the catalogue.

Before we get bogged down in details, just think about the drive. And not just in terms of bhp and torque – it’s how this energy is controlled is what really impresses.

The DSG gearbox uses a double clutch mechanism for smoother and more efficient power delivery, and it doesn’t disappoint, giving genuinely unexpected acceleration and seriously muscular grunt as it moves through the six gears.

As with most automatic gearboxes, this one includes the triptronic option for those with control issues.

This Octavia is longer, wider and lighter and contains a whole series of firsts for Skoda models.

The Octavia impresses with unrivalled cabin and luggage capacity, innovative 5* NCAP safety, modern new comfort features, low fuel consumption and a new range of touch screen audio and navigation systems.

The new Octavia has grown significantly in length and width, the new model is 90mm longer and 45mm wider than the outgoing Octavia. The wheelbase has grown by 108mm enabling the Octavia break the mould for spaciousness in its model segment with interior length (1,782mm), more knee room (73mm) and more headroom at the back (980mm) as well as best in class boot volume of 590 litres.

The new Octavia is powered by the latest low emission TSI petrol engines as well as common rail diesel engines with stop start technology for excellent fuel economy.

Despite the physical increase in size and room, the new Octavia has in fact shed up to 100kg in weight compared to its predecessor. Less weight equates to better fuel economy and the new Octavia in its 2.0-TDI version consumes only 4.1 litres for every 100km travelled.

That is a seriously good number, and only .3 of a litre more than the 1.6 tdi variant.

There’s a lot to list out, but some of the equipment that comes as standard in the Octavia includes a three-year warranty, door mirrors that are electrically adjustable and heated, tinted windows, ESC (electronic stability control), front fog lights, remote central locking, front and rear electric windows, height adjustable front seats as well as lumbar supports for the front seats.

Skoda really know how to make good cars, and the Octavia is going to give owners of the flagship model, the Superb, a real headache when it comes time to trade in, it’s that good.

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