Of the new gaelscoil, Councillor Gerry Horkan (FF) said: “it’s great that it is going ahead in the main centre of population growth in the county”

A NEW gaelscoil earmarked for the Stepaside area last year by the Department of Education will temporarily be based in Aikens village, and will be open by this September.
The gaelscoil is being built in response to huge local demand for education through Irish.
This has been borne out by the fact that Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille in Stepaside is currently at full capacity, with 400 students.
The gaelscoil will remain at Aikens village until students transfer to a permanent school building in the area when one is constructed.  The Department of Education is looking at appropriate sites in the area, at present.
An Foras Patrunachta, the new gaelscoil’s patron, has already advertised for a principal for the new school, and this appointment is expected to be filled by the end of this month.
The principal post is up now on An Foras Patrunachta’s website, in which it is outlined that the new school, as yet unnamed, will be of a multi-faith ethos, and will be accepting students in September 2013.
Caoimhin O hEaghra, general secretary of An Foras Patrunachta, said: “Children starting off in the new gaelscoil in Stepaside will be getting the fantastic advantage of a low pupil-teacher ratio, as well as the full support of the Department of Education with regard to accommodation and funding.
“The school will have the full support and experience of An Foras Patrunachta, setting the school on the path of providing an excellent standard of education to the children.
“Great interest has been shown in the new Gaelscoil to date. It is expected that an Irish language summer camp for the children will be organised. There has also been a keen interest in Irish language classes for parents,” said O hEaghra.
“We have had a great response to the principal position, and expect to conduct interviews next week.
“The new school will be on a green area beside another Educate Together school. The land in question can only be used for three years so, after that time, the permanent school will be ready.
“The land in Aiken village cannot be purchased, and, under a provision of the Department of Education, we can use it temporarily.
“We expect around 20 pupils, who will be taught by two teachers. There is a great demand in the area, and the new permanent school will be at least as big as Gaelsoil Thaobh na Coille,” added O hEaghra.
Of the news, councillor Gerry Horkan (FF) said: “There have been lots of rumours about this school happening, and it’s great that it is going ahead in the main centre of population growth in the county.
“The school in Kiltiernan is fairly full, I understand, so this new one is very welcome.
“It means people can get the facilities they need close to where they live, and it answers a huge demand for the Irish language nowadays, and all things Irish.
“Where once it was not popular, now the Irish culture is something people are very proud of, and want to be involved with,” said Cllr Horkan.