A mysterious man who just makes it work

by Gazette Reporter

ACTOR Daithi Mac Suibhne is the newest edition to the cast of TG4 soap Ros na Run. He plays the role of Eoin Farren, the mysterious man who arrives in the village and begins snooping around Tigh Thaidhg.
This week the Gazette spoke with Mac Suibhne about what constitutes an average day in his life.
Speaking about what time he gets up in the morning he said: “It really depends on what I’m doing that day or what the shooting schedule is like. At the moment I’m pretty busy so I’m up most days at about 7am (which means snoozing from about 6.30!) and on the road by 8am.
“When I get to set I’ll get straight into costume and make-up (usually in a rush as I’m chronically tardy!) and then I wait around for my scenes.
“Some days you might be flat out and others you might be in one scene first thing and then have a five-hour wait for your next one. In between scenes I chat and mess about with the other actors on set.
“We all get along really well which is a big bonus. We’ll go over lines too and prep for the upcoming scenes. Depending on what time I’m in at I might go to the gym before or after work. I like to keep fit and used to play football and hurling but I just don’t have the time anymore.
“After work I’ll head home and get my scenework done for the next day’s shoot. Once that’s done I’ll cook for myself and call my girlfriend, Aisling. She’s a barrister in Dublin and, thankfully, really busy but it can be hard to co-ordinate a time to talk. We hardly ever have more than a few minutes free to talk until late in the evening.
“It’s a pain to be away from each other but we make it work. We manage to see each other most weekends. I’ll go home or she’ll come over here.
“I’m most productive in the evenings and get the bulk of anything I have to do done after five in the day. I’m rarely in bed before midnight.
“I find it hard to switch off before then. If I know I have nothing to do the next day I don’t really worry about what time I nod off, I might stay up until 2 or 3am, but I’m trying to get into the much better habit of going to bed at the same time no matter what I have to do the next day.”
Catch Daithi Mac Suibhne on Ros na Run on TG4 every Tuesday and Thursday night at 8.30pm, or catch the omnibus edition on Sunday nights at 10.30pm.

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