Morgue moves to Garda station

by Gazette Reporter
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WHITEHALL Garda Station will be become the Dublin City Mortuary and the Office of the State Pathologist, with work set to commence in 2015.
The Office of Public Works (OPW) revealed to the Gazette this week that the controversial plan will go ahead.
A decision was made by the board of the OPW this week. According to a spokesperson for the OPW, the proposal will go ahead “as in the original plans” that were recently on public display.
The OPW notified Dublin City Council on August 29 of its proposal to develop the former Whitehall Garda Station for use as the city mortuary and the Office of the State Pathologist.
According to a spokesperson for the OPW, observations and submissions on the proposal were received from interested parties, local residents and local representatives by the deadline of October 10. These were considered by the board of the OPW before making its decision.
Permission for the change of use was granted by the council’s planning department on October 22. In its recommendations it said that “having regard to the current Dublin City Development Plan, and to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area, the planning authority has no objection to the proposed development”.
There were objections to the plans. Cllr Cathleen Carney Boud (SF) wanted to see the building preserved for the local community and said the station in its current state was “not suitable” to facilitate this type of use and “any major alterations to the building would be in breach of the preservation orders.
“A listed building of this type should firstly be considered for the use of the community, before anything else,” she said.
“It is anticipated that the OPW will commence work on this site in the early months of 2015,” the spokesperson said.

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