Moore problems for iconic city centre market street

by Rachel Darcy

Moore Street traders have called for help from Dublin City Council (DCC) for assistance on dealing with growing levels of anti-social behaviour.

Reports circulated last week that 17 street traders were looking to leave the area, co-signing a document entitled ‘Licence holders who wish to be considered to exit the market’.

However, on Monday the traders denied that they wanted to leave. They said that they back plans to develop the locale by property firm Hammerson, but cannot continue to wait due to the levels of disorder that currently exist on the street.

A statement from Tom Holbrook, chairman of the Moore Street Traders’ Committee, said the traders are subject to assaults, people stealing from them, people “urinating and defecating” on the street, and loyal customers being frightened off.

He said: “We are beset from first thing in the morning to last thing in the evening by drunken groups of people who hang around the street all day.”

In response to this document, DCC are understood to be establishing a group to examine the regeneration of Moore Street.

Cllr Donna Cooney (GP), who is part of the Save Moore Street campaign, said: “The traders have been looking for improvements for more than 20 years.

“We don’t need another toothless group expecting stakeholders to engage – what we need is a commitment from the Minister [for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan] to fund and fully support the preservation of Moore Street before this unique internationally-recognised historical area is lost for future generations.”

Cllr Joe Costello (Lab) said: “Over the years, many promises were made to the traders for new facilities.

“Instead, promises of redevelopment came to nought, while the area was run down into a totally dilapidated state with declining footfall.

“Moore Street is one of the great old traditions of Dublin. The council should commit to rejuvenating the market area within a specified time, ensuring that this time-honoured Dublin tradition is preserved for future generations of traders and shoppers in the capital.”

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