Miss-Matched style

by Gazette Reporter

MIS-MATCH style (or matchy-patchy, as the Oasis team like to call it) is one trend that daring fashionistas will take on this sunny season – whenever the sun decides to make an appearance.

Still, summer was etched in the faces of the Oasis team and throughout the collection when it was showcased at a preview event recently.

Pops of colours, charmed patterns, bold prints and florals took over the rails with some interesting twists.

Oasis stylist Christine Murphy said the collection is very much for “the Oasis woman”.

She said: “The collection is very feminine, with florals and prints, but making it that bit edgier.

“Our statement pieces are the pencil skirt, and the spring coat, matched with a crop-top that is flattering and more structured.

“Oasis always considers the real woman. We think about the teachers, the mums, the everyday women who shop here, and offer them the latest trends in the Oasis range,” she said.

Some of the range has taken on real life inspirations, featuring patterns of a blue delftware.

Christine said: “The blue and white – the Delft pottery pattern – is our designers taking inspiration from what they see, and it works really well.”

This is a season not about making something match, but mis-matching instead, and having fun with style.

Contrast coloured patterns and reversible sister print separates to bring a new feel to head-to-toe print.

On this look, Christine said: “For this, you would have the same print, in a top, jacket and shorts, but contrast it with the same print but in a different colour – it is introducing a new take on matching clothes.

“There is also the option of matching colours with different prints, so for example you could have the same blue and white for a jacket and top, but the top’s pattern is different from the jacket.

“It’s a play on matching,” she said.

Luxurious fabrics with pretty satin slips alongside textured suede separates or laser-cut leather also make a bold statement in this versatile collection, which can be seen in Oasis stores now.

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