Married to the job

by Alen McMahon
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Building a reputation as one of Ireland’s most sought after wedding and portrait photographers, Jenny McCarty says she firmly believes that people should start getting their photos developed again.
Married to TV icon Martin King, Jenny’s week consists of round the clock wedding shoots, newborn baby and family portraitures, along with lots of commercial work for TV3 and editing.
She told The Gazette: “I travel all over the country each week doing weddings. It’s really mental and nonstop, but to be honest the support of my hubby is just amazing. Since he works on the Seven O’clock Show he’s here every morning to help me get my bits and pieces ready and sometimes kind enough to cook the dinner.
“The biggest challenge of being a wedding photographer is ensuring that the day goes really smoothly. Two weeks before a wedding I meet the couple and go through all the logistics with them and give them tips, such as what time they should arrive at the church.
“If you’re running late in the morning, the time will be taken off at the end of the day and you might not even have a proper drinks reception before your meal. This is why it’s so important to be on time.
“My main aim is to make sure I get every shot that I need which I always do, and to make sure everyone enjoys the big day.”
Jenny said that one of her favourite parts of the job is doing newborn baby portraitures, which she says is very rewarding.
“I always put two hours aside for when I’m photographing newborns because at the end of the day the baby is the boss so the whole shoot needs to be tailored around their needs. I always make my studio very comfortable, especially for the mammy and to get good feedback from the couple once the prints come out is just amazing.”
Being a firm believer in tangible, hard copies of photographs, Jenny says that people should start printing their snaps again so they can cherish them forever.
She added: “I know in my mother’s house when I go through all the bags of photos I can sit there for hours and the feeling of nostalgia is just incredible.
“Kids these days don’t have that feeling because nearly every image they have is on a hard drive or on their mobile phone.”

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