Marlay Park lands new facilities grant

by Gazette Reporter
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LOCAL sports clubs around Marlay Park area are set for a huge boost after three separate Sports Capital Grants were secured for the area: €300,000 for an all-weather facility; a further €118,577 and another sum of €44,039.

Already a ground used by many clubs in the area including Balinteer St Johns, Broadford Rovers, Steadfast United, DSDAC and more, it is expected that a new all-weather pitch and running track will attract even more clubs and non-club members to train, too.

Neale Richmond, Fine Gael TD, is delighted with the grants being allocated to Marlay Park and believes that it will help “continue the rich tradition of sport in the area”.

Speaking to GazetteSport, he said: “Marlay Park is one of the biggest draws in the area. It is known for its fantastic facilities and this can only help to further accommodate clubs and passive athletes in the area.

“In the south-west of the park, there used to be a cricket pitch and a BMX track, but they were replaced by a massive playground that has been amazing for the local children.

“However, the new Astroturf pitches will be made public and will be available for use for clubs and large parties that might want to play football once a week or on the odd occasion.

“The running track will hopefully be used by casual trainers as well as clubs like DSDAC and UCD who could use further facilities in the area.

“The all-weather facility that was opened in Stepaside has been so successful in getting clubs on board like DLR Waves and Cuala among others. And I would think that the improvements made to Marlay Park will do wonders for the area.

“There have just been so many projects focused on the area over the last year and the park is definitely up there with the biggest draws in the county now.

“Not only do you have a centre for sports, horticulture and craft but so many people visit for concerts.

“Profits made from such events are put straight back into the community and it’s for these reasons that we develop all-weather pitches, cricket grounds and pitch and putt courses.

“I believe that projects like this can only continue to establish Marlay Park as a premier facility and its accessibility for people in the locality is fantastic.”

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