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UFC head honcho Dana White says Conor McGregor’s suggestion of playing in front of football stadiums will have to wait until after his next fight in Las Vegas following last Saturday’s date at the O2 in Dublin.
The Lucan resident took less than one round to defeat Brazil’s Diego Brandao – a former Ultimate Fighter champion – with a TKO in front of one of the loudest crowds in the sport’s history, a result that two days later put him into the top 10 of the featherweight division for the first time in his career, and which has netted him a Vegas encounter with world number six Dustin Poirier on September 27 at UFC 178.
Directly after the fight, the ebullient McGregor spoke of his desire to pack out an Irish stadium.
“What’s next, I’m going to sit down with [UFC CEO] Lorenzo Fertitta, toss some fine Irish whiskey, and talk about some football stadiums next,” McGregor said.
But White says the likely next step is stateside.
“It doesn’t matter where he’s from, he could fight anywhere in the world,” the UFC president said at the post-fight press conference. “Conor’s next fight is definitely not going to be in Ireland and probably not in Europe. He’s probably going to fight in Vegas.”
After the impressive showing and the huge fanbase McGregor has built in jig-time, there is hot anticipation about what happens next with a top 10 ranked opponent on the agenda.
Both Poirier and Nik Lentz were among the names mooted for a date in September before the announcement of UFC 178, but McGregor said that both seemed nervous about putting their records on the line against such a dangerous up and comer.
“Poirier would be perfect for me, because I already know that guy doesn’t want to fight me,” McGregor said. “His teammate Cole Miller, they’re from the same camp, pulled out of the same fight. He was supposed to be here, he was scheduled to compete tonight. He pulled out.”
“You’re trying to tell me Dustin Poirier, top 10 guy, and Nik Lentz, top 10 guy, both of whom had no fights scheduled, didn’t know about Cole’s injury? He would have known before the UFC would have known. They would have heard about it before the UFC would have heard. And yet nothing.
“This is a main-event slot. One of the fastest-selling. It was a big, big event. And yet not a peep out of either of them. I know he doesn’t want to fight, he can pretend that he wants to fight, and send out little tweets about this and that. Let’s do it.
“One by one, I want to take [on] everyone else. If that’s Dustin, no problem,” said McGregor.

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