Lucan left short by capital grants

by Gazette Reporter
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THE Lucan Football Association – a collective effort of Lucan United, Esker Celtic, Ballyowen Celtic, Beechpark and Arthur Griffith Park – were left frustrated by their unsuccessful application for a Sports Capital Grant.

The group have been pushing for an all-weather pitch in the area that would be available for the use by all the clubs in the Lucan area, providing an amenity for up to 1,200 players

Chairman of the Association Paul Cleary, also a club member at Esker, expressed disappointment saying: “It’s beyond me to understand why our most comprehensive application did not succeed.

“Soccer is thriving in Lucan and this setback will motivate us.

“Esker Celtic has had this disappointment in the past and we got back up and dusted ourselves down and got on with it. This weekend was never more appropriate to have an all-weather pitch in the Lucan Area.

“If you want to see disappointment, have a look at the two eleven-a-side pitches in Hermitage Park – they are destroyed beyond belief and will be out of action for weeks.

“The Lucan Football Association has come a long way in such a short time and this makes no difference at all [to our pursuit of a new pitch]. We are still in the same position.

“As agreed at this week’s meeting, we must continue with the association and spend time in the New Year preparing a detailed costing on this facility with a breakdown and targets for fundraising,” Cleary added.
Chairman of Lucan United, John Doyle, also praised the efforts of the association.

“I am not sure when there will be more grants available but I agree with Paul that the Lucan Football Association should be kept intact and work together on several issues effecting Lucan football,” he said.
President of the association, Deputy Derek Keating (FG), voiced his concern over the failed application

“I am satisfied we made our case for grant aid and that the application was deserving of 100% funding. The group have asked me to establish the factors that influenced the outcome.

“I am committed to the project which will see a vigorous campaign in the New Year to achieve the all-weather soccer facility for the hundreds of players of all ages,” he said.

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