Luas worst for microbes and bacteria levels according to report

by Padraig Conlon
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A shocking new public health and safety issue has come to light, with the news that faecal matter, skin bacteria and yeast have been found on the seats and handrails of public transport in Dublin.

Whilst the three public transport providers in the capital were all culpable, random samples that were taken last week by environmental microbiologist Ronnie Russell found that the Luas had the highest number of microbes and bacteria, compared to the Dart and Dublin Bus.

The three service providers say their fleets are cleaned on a daily basis, with deeper cleans undertaken every four to six weeks.

People are being reminded to wash their hands after using public transport.

A spokesperson from Transdev told Dublin Gazette: “Luas trams are cleaned every day before entering passenger service.

“Customers are not allowed to put their feet on the seats and we have notices displayed where seats face each other stating same.

Recent customer etiquette campaigns have also highlighted the issue of people putting their feet on seats.

“When a tram is reported to us as being dirty, soiled, or that there is litter on a tram, the tram can be taken out of service allowing the area to be deep-cleaned.

“We encourage customers to contact us to let us know if a tram is dirty so we can respond as quickly as possible.”

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