Locals pledge to resist three Park concerts

by Gazette Reporter
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Residents living in and around the Phoenix Park say they will continue to object to three concerts there in July.
The first of a number of private meetings being held between local residents’ associations, the OPW, MCD, Dublin City Council and An Garda Siochana took place on Monday, March 25.
According to a representative of the Chapelizod Residents’ Association (CRA) they were given “assurances” that last year’s antics would never happen again.
Last year, during a Swedish House Mafia headlining concert, one of three different headlining concerts at that location, there was a number of serious incidents including two deaths, arrests for knife offences and people being hospitalised.
“Last night they were telling us what decisions they have made and they were so confident that they have put in the right procedures and safeguards, and almost guaranteeing us that nothing like last year would ever happen again. Nobody can predict what happens, it’s an unknown situation,” John Martin of the CRA said.
“We asked why can the promoter advertise the concert, on the day that he hasn’t got a licence for and sell tickets, and we were told because it [states] subject to the grant of the licence.”
The licence application for the three concerts was lodged with the council on March 8 and residents have until April 12 to make an observation or submission, which this residents’ association and others say they plan to do.
John went on to say that if gardai are expecting this to be a “major event” that needs high security to ensure the safety of the public, then a “judgement call” needs to be made and the gardai should “refuse to allow these concerts go ahead”.
The Navan Road Community Council, who will meet with stakeholders next week, say their main concern is the Phoenix Park. They say it’s not suitable for concerts for 40,000 people.
A spokesperson for the OPW said all stakeholders outlined the current position of the associations and listened to their views and concerns, and will meet remaining groups on April 3.

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