Loads of love for the gym

by Ian Begley
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IT’S business as usual for Love/Hate actor Johnny Ward (AKA Paulie) after his character recently met his untimely demise in Ireland’s favourite crime drama.
This week The Gazette spoke to Ward to find out what a day in his life is like after his short-lived but unforgettable role in Love/Hate.
“Generally, I get up nice and early at 8am and head to the gym. I like getting up early and making the most of my day as opposed to wasting my life sleeping.
“If you’re preparing for a role sometimes they’d ask you not to go to the gym. I haven’t set foot in the gym for about a month now and recently I’ve been eating whatever I like, which is great.”
Ward, who is now preparing to play Peter Pan in this year’s much anticipated Gaiety Christmas Panto, said that he starts rehearsals at 10am and doesn’t finish until about seven in the evening.
“I come back from rehearsals absolutely shattered and when I get home I have to go over my lines. There’s so much stuff that we have to get done – sing, act and dance.
“The past couple of weeks have been crazy. I’m going to be sent over to England soon to do flying lessons and I’m also playing a part in an upcoming film called Mammal; and on Saturdays, I teach in a performing arts school with my sister.”
Asked what type of reaction he’s getting from the general public regarding his role on Love/Hate, Ward said: “I can’t go anywhere without people stopping and talking to me. The amount of private messages I’m getting from people who want to put bets on what’s going to happen in the next series.
“They’re expecting me to turn around and tell a spoiler, but the truth is that I don’t even know.”
After a long day of rehearsals, Ward said that he likes to unwind in the evenings at home with his girlfriend.
“I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but what I really like to watch is Come Dine With Me with the girlfriend and all the Celtic matches.
“My girlfriend is actually coming over tonight from the UK so we’ll probably open a bottle of wine, order a chinese and watch Come Dine With Me. It’s my guilty pleasure and we haven’t missed an episode.
“To be honest, I don’t get to bed until quite late at night. At the moment I’m having these mad, weird dreams. The other night I had a dream about Siobhan pushing Paulie off the balcony and halfway before hitting the deck Paulie transformed into Peter Pan who then arranged that Captain Hook chop her head off,” he laughed.
Johnny Ward is playing Peter Pan in this year’s Gaiety Christmas Panto from December 1 to January 11. See www.gaietytheatre.ie for booking details.

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