Le Galaxie back in the club with a new offering

by Gazette Reporter

FOUR years on from their 2011 debut Laserdisc Nights II, Dublin electronic four piece Le Galaxie, return with their highly anticipated follow up Le Club.

They haven’t been sitting on their laurels in the intervening years, however, building an ever growing fan-base and almost doubling this overnight as a result of a now legendary late night Electric Picnic slot in 2013.
I find Michael Pope in surprisingly chipper form given the fact he came off stage a few hours earlier.
Le Galaxie’s first live show this year was the annual Trinity Ball, arriving on stage at 3.30am which suits them perfectly.
This is the beginning of the campaign around the release of the hotly anticipated new album by the band and their first with major label Universal.

How was last night Michael?
“It was great – those kids sure know how to get into it and were well up for it. We were last on after Basement Jaxx, who were great so we had a blast. I looked at the clock coming offstage and I think it was 4.35 am. But gigs like this really suit us and our sets.”

How long were you working on the album – the last two to three years or did it come together in a six-month block?
“We actually completed the album fully mixed this time last year. Myself and Dave from the band went out to LA and mixed the album with a guy called Eric Broucek.
“We planned to play some festivals during the summer and then maybe release it ourselves around October /November time.
“But then the Universal deal began to come together around September time after Electric Picnic so we wanted make sure we got that right and everybody was happy with it.
“So we said let’s sit back and do it properly with the weight of Universal behind it. We were really happy with the album so it also gave us time and space to begin writing new songs and we are now currently working on our third album.”

Did Le Club start out as a concept or did it evolve as you were writing it?
“We were writing the songs with the dance floor in mind but we also wanted to show different sides to the music in the form of textures such as light and dark and create peaks and troughs within. The album takes you on a journey so it’s not just confined to a club setting even though those elements are there.”

Are those new songs easier to translate for a live setting?
“We are always conscious of that and being able to play the songs fully live and not over complicating things.
“The audience is not interested in you turning up and pressing play but we were also committed to getting it right in the studio first.”

What influences did you have during this period?
“I have been listening to a lot of Caribou, Hot Chip, the Brian Eno and Karl Hyde album was great also.
“We are all big science fiction fans and Battlestar Galactica in particular. I even remember the original series! Also the idea of futurism as a concept appeals to us and is reflected in the music and our artwork.”

Any plans for live dates and summer festivals?
“Yes the launch of Le Club is on Friday and Saturday, April 24 and 25 at the Academy so we’re looking forward to these and then we follow that with an Irish tour.
“We recently signed with a new booking agency which will give us more opportunities to play with other artists and to play further so lots to look forward to later this year.”

Any surprises lined up for these upcoming shows?
“Songs fully live and not over complicating things. The audience is not interested in you turning up and pressing play but we were also committed to getting it right in the studio first.”

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