Landfill levies up bin tag charges

by Gazette Reporter
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Government imposed increases on landfill levies have been blamed for a price hike in bin tags for Panda Waste customers.
Residents in Fingal will have noticed that since last week the cost of the cost of their bin tag has been increased by 60c to €9.35.
The increase has been blamed on increases in landfill levies set out by the government. On July 1 Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan increased the landfill levy under the Waste Management Acts. It increased the landfill levy from €65 to €75 per tonne for each tonne of waste disposed at landfill facilities.
Commenting on the increase, Mulhuddart Cllr Michael O’Donovan (Lab) said people are going to be “disappointed and annoyed”.
“I know that when the issue of privatising the waste was brought forward by the county manager people were unhappy about it because we knew, I felt anyway, that after a brief period of competition between the providers that the rates would start to go up and I think that is the way it is.
“I suppose to be fair to Panda, if the landfill levy has gone up, they have no choice but to add that to the fare – I can see where they are coming from.”
He went on to say that he has observed an increase in people using their recycling bins, which in turn sees people use the black bin less.
“A lot of people are reducing their usage of the black bin and that is the only way in the long run that we can avoid such charges.
“I am annoyed that the black bin charge keeps cropping up but I suppose the only thing consumers can do now is to make the maximum use out of their brown bin, their green bin and the bottle banks that are available,” he added.
Independent Dublin West TD Patrick Nulty also commented on the increased bin tags saying: “The increases in bin charges are the inevitable consequence of turning a public service into a ‘for profit’ service.
“The government were meant to introduce a national waiver scheme but sadly this is just another broken promise.”
Meanwhile, Panda is not alone in its price hike with Greyhound Recycling and Thornton increasing their prices too.
City Bin, which also operates in the Fingal area, said it was not increasing prices within the Dublin area because it “already incorporated the landfill levy increase” into prices set out last year.

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