Key to a great home is a great bathroom

by Gazette Reporter
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A crucial element to a great home is a great bathroom, and Brussels-based bathroom solution company, Ideal Standard, are intent on helping people create their ideal salle de bain.

One of Europe’s leading bathroom brands, Ideal Standard’s goal is stated to be “to create a life space that reflects personalised well-being”.

The brand follows three main philosophies: design, functionality and innovation, and Ideal Standard international designer Robin Levien is certain that those values will still apply throughout 2013 when he recently gave his bathroom predictions for this year.

“Whilst these straitened times won’t be changing soon, it’s not all bad. We are learning to value what’s really important in life – family, friends, good food and a comfortable home.

“I see the bathroom as a key element of our homes over the coming years.

“Over one-in-four people use their bathroom as a place to relax and this trend will continue to become more and more popular throughout 2013. Luxury bathing options provide the ultimate way to unwind after a busy day and get some peace and quiet.”

Robin went on to detail the kinds of themes that he expects to see prevalent in bathroom design and fittings this year.

“We will continue to look back to more optimistic times and mid 20th century vintage is where it’s at. This will manifest in shapely accessories in the bathroom, a collection of 60s glass vases for example to provide an optimistic note.

“Blocks of colour will brighten up the bathroom, it’s very easy to fit a sheet of painted plywood for a bath panel then play off the colour with complementary soft elements like towels and bath mats – they don’t all have to be the same colour.

“Besides vintage stylings, we are wanting to get back to nature. This is a great trend for the bathroom as ceramics already have a natural quality that provides a perfect foil for softer natural materials like wood.

“We are celebrating the handmade again too so things don’t have to be perfect, the pristine quality of the pieces of ceramic in the bathroom can be complemented by hand thrown porcelain accessories.”

Robin also suggests that you take the natural theme to its logical extreme in your bathroom redesign.

“What better place to grow some plants than the bathroom, plenty of moisture to keep them happy. There are some very clever plant pots that hang upside down from the ceiling. This is a great solution for using the unused space above the bath and you can lie in the bath under an Amazonian rainforest canopy.”

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