Juice up your body’s cleansing

by Gazette Reporter

Tis the season for over indulgence, but why wait till January to start the detox?
The juice business in Ireland has been booming over the last year but ahead of the curve was Paula Heaney when she set up Skinny Malinkys in 2013 with the aim of making healthy, nourishing juice accessible to as many people as possible.
Currently the premier raw cold-pressed juice company is based in Northern Ireland, but Paula Heaney has recently started to trade in the Republic: “While initially we only delivered their fresh juices within a three-mile radius of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, we have now expanded our offering to the UK and Ireland. We provide free delivery across Ireland.’’
The juices are raw, unpasteurised and unadulterated, packed with live enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and other vital elements to your health.
Paula explains the reasons to juice: “Juice cleansing is the ideal way to reset your body and kick-start a healthy new you. Living off these liquid nutrients gives your digestive system a well earned break.’’
A little known fact is that solid foods can take up to 10 hours of digestion before it’s nutrients become available to the cells in your body. A freshly pressed raw juice on the other hand will provide your body with nutrients immediately.
“This means that when you drink the juices your cells will get nourished in approximately 15 minutes with little to no effort on your body to digest.
“Whilst many associate juice cleansing as a quick fix for weight loss and beating the bloat, there are many more long-term health benefits to cleansing. By introducing daily juices into your lifestyle, they can help control diseases, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Rosacea and acne.
“Our bodies should always be more alkaline than acidic, however when we eat consume processed foods, sugar, alcohol and even coffee we inadvertently create an acidic environment within our body.
“However by cleansing we can help to reduce and remove these toxins and make your body a much more healthy environment,” she says.
Skinny Malinkys provide a range of juice packages from the full three to five-day juice cleanses, consisting of six juices per day, to a “juice till dinner” package, for those who might not fathom three days with no food.
For more information visit www.skinnymalinkys.com.

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