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by Emma Nolan
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Jason O’Callaghan is a hypnosis psychologist by day and a stage hypnotist by night. The TCD educated professional says his daily life is a balance between work and family as he looks after his two young toddlers while running the D4 clinic in Blackrock.
“I can do the same stuff as Keith Barry but I’m also a trained psychologist so I can do the clinical stuff as well,” he says.
O’Callaghan says there is such a demand for his hypnotic weight loss service that the clinic is open six days a week from half nine every morning till half nine every evening.
“We have clients every half hour.”
O Callaghan said that overcoming weight loss and smoking addiction are the two primary reasons people visit the D4 clinic.
After dropping his children, aged two and three, to the creche first thing in the morning, O’Callaghan starts his day with one-on-one client sessions, which involve hypnotic clinical therapy .
This aims to tap into the “unconscious mind” to combat food cravings and cigarette addiction which he describes as “unconscious problems”.
“Ninety per cent of your mind is unconscious – the way we describe it is like an iceberg, 90% is under the water. If the problem, like trying to lose weight or give up smoking is unconscious, it has to be fixed in an unconscious way.
“If you ask any smoker or person who wants to lose weight, most of them want to quit smoking and lose weight so you might think, ‘why don’t they just stop?’
“Well, it’s unconscious behaviour so there’s no point in dealing with it in a conscious way such as therapy where you’re wide awake so it can’t help your unconscious mind.”
He then takes a break in the afternoon to pick up his kids and look after them until his partner, who is a dietician and weight loss expert comes home from work.
For the hypnotist, it’s then back to the clinic for his remaining client sessions which are all face to face.
As for his nighttime endeavours, O’Callaghan performs at everything from corporate speaking events to society weddings and black tie balls, charity events.
Although he describes this part of his career as “more of a hobby”, O’Callaghan is keen to stress the difference between stage hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy which is “completely different to what Keith Barry does”.
As a successful businessman and highly trained psychologist, O’Callaghan gives talks to companies and sales teams to “show them how their unconscious mind can help them increase profits”.
He also gives demonstrative hypnosis performances.
For more information on the D4 clinic, visit jasonocallaghan.com

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