It’s an early start for Anna

by Ian Begley
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ANNA Daly, Irish model and television presenter for Ireland AM, has quite the non-conventional day-to-day life, as one can imagine.
Having to get up at 4.30am every morning for work while trying to look after two children is certainly a hectic day in the life.
“I get up at 4.30 every morning. I don’t have breakfast before I leave the house, but usually have whatever I can grab when I get into the studio at about 5.30am.
“At the moment, I’m trying to be healthy and have a nutrient bullet each morning, which is a blended drink with lots of fruit and vegetables. Then during the show someone will usually be cooking something tasty which I always claim first dibs on. I try to be disciplined but it’s very hard when there’s so much great food being made.
“After the show, we have a production meeting and talk about the following days show, then I usually just go back to my desk and reply to my emails and organise my wardrobe for the next day.”
Daly, who has worked with Ireland AM for six years, is set to leave on July 2 to prepare for her new Thursday-Sunday morning show which airs on July 29.
“I’ll be doing a four-day week now, which will give me a better opportunity to spend time with my family.
“When I leave the TV3 studios at about lunchtime, I go back to my home in Wicklow and do all the boring householdy stuff. I try to get out for a walk along the beach before I collect the kids. Otherwise, I would just grab a coffee with my friends or whoever is around.
“I then collect my two boys, who are two and three and when my husband gets home we spend some quality time together.
“My husband is more of a cook than I am, but I’ll probably have more of an opportunity to improve with the free time I’ll have in the next couple of weeks.”
Asked if she is into any type of mainstream entertainment like watching movies on Netflix, Daly said: “I haven’t got Netflix yet, but Orange is the New Black is definitely on my list of things to watch. I’ve interviewed the stars of the show recently and they were so cool, so I gotta check it out.
“My evening times are reserved for hanging out with my friends, children or husband. I should be in bed by 9.30pm but realistically I don’t hit the hay until about 10.30pm.”

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