Irish Rail urged to tackle bike theft

by Gazette Reporter

A LOCAL councillor is calling on Irish Rail to take effective measures in dealing with “an epidemic of bicycle thefts” which have occurred recently in train stations across north Dublin.

Cllr Ciaran Byrne (LAB) said he is calling on the national transport provider to address the problem, after bicycle thefts reached “epidemic proportions” this year.

According to Cllr Byrne, hundreds of bikes have been stolen from suburban line stations in 2013 to date, despite their owners using “the best locks available”. He believes approximately 15 of these thefts were from the Skerries Train Station alone.

“This problem is about the impact on people. At the end of the day the cost of replacing bikes falls on Irish Rail customers and the company should make every reasonable effort to work with victims of this crime to prevent such loss. To date that hasn’t happened,” he said.

Cllr Byrne hopes to see Irish Rail make an investment in secure bicycle parking in the near future.

“If Irish Rail is interested in customer service, not just generating income from passengers, it should spend just a small proportion of such income on facilities for bike owners. Irish Rail recently increased its daily car parking fees by up to 33% to €4. Some of that money should be made available to provide facilities for securing bicycles on their premises.”

In response, a spokesperson for Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail) said the company “is not aware of the ‘epidemic’ proportions of bicycle theft in the greater Dublin area”.

The spokesperson said the company does not always receive reports of all bicycle thefts in commuter stations.

“We did have an issue with bicycle theft in Skerries. We addressed this by placing CCTV directly on the bicycle rack to deter would-be thieves,” she said.

The company confirmed that CCTV is in place and bike lockers are available to rent at a number of stations in the greater Dublin area.

“We would advise all our customers to ensure that their bicycle is locked securely in the designated area at the station to prevent theft. However, it is the unfortunate reality of our society that bicycles are regularly stolen not just at our stations, but in all public places.”

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