Irish Rail charges more for parking

by Gazette Reporter

IRISH Rail has increased daily car parking rates at stations, but parking rates for regular commuters purchasing weekly and monthly car parking tickets will not be affected.

The public railway service announced an increase in daily parking charges as of July 15.

The daily cash fee for parking at a train station’s car park has gone up by €1 to €4, and to pay by text the fee will now be €3 as opposed to €2.

Speaking to The Gazette, Jane Cregan, a spokeswoman for Irish Rail, said the increase does not affect regular commuters who purchase weekly and monthly car parking tickets.

“The increase is for daily car park rates – weekly and monthly rates will remain the same,” she said.

“Anyone who is a regular commuter – it will have no impact on them whatsoever. It’s only daily users – people that may just use the car park from time to time.”

Outlining the reason for the increase, she said: “It’s well documented that our financial situation is difficult at the moment and we have to try and get revenue where we can. We were conscious of our regular users and we didn’t want to impact them adversely; that is why we made a decision only to increase daily and not increase weekly or monthly tickets”.

She went on to confirm that train tickets have not been affected and that it is only car parking rates that have been increased.

Green Party Dublin West representative Roderic O’Gorman has criticised the decision, saying it will lead to people parking in residential estates.

“This parking charge increase punishes commuters, particularly those who may not use the train on a daily basis, but try and take it a few times a week. At a time when more and more charges are being levied on households, it is really disappointing that Irish Rail has made this move,” he said.

“Another key concern is that the increase in charges will drive commuters to park their cars on roads in estates surrounding train stations. This is already a significant problem around Coolmine and Castleknock train stations, and can cause major inconvenience for residents of these estates.

“While I welcome the fact that the price of the weekly ticket has not risen, I still believe that Irish Rail has made a mistake in increasing its daily parking charges in this way,” he added.

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