Iconic Trinity gates rammed by driver

by Gazette Reporter

Part of the iconic gates at the entrance of Trinity College was removed shortly after a 68-year-old man drove through them.
In the early hours of April 2, a man drove through Trinity College’s front gates after he followed a cleaning van that drove onto the campus.
When campus security followed him he went back to the front doors which had been locked in the meantime.
Following repeated attempts to get security workers to open the gates he rammed them a number of times before breaking through. Two other cars waiting to enter the building were damaged as the car drove through the archway.
The car then made its way up Dawson Street against the traffic where other cars were damaged. There were no injuries.
The man was stopped by gardai at approximately 6.35am on April 2 where he was arrested and taken to Store Street Garda station.
A spokesperson for the college said: “Due to the incident, Front Gate will be closed all day today [April 2] for repairs and it is anticipated that it will reopen tomorrow [April 3]. The entrances to Pearse Street and Nassau Street will remain open.”
The incident happened just days before the annual Trinity College Ball as the campus was being set up for the event. According to a source, the incident is not expected to have any effect on the ball going ahead.
The 68-year-old man remained in custody at the time of going to print.

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