‘I always find myself getting fired up by ideas’

by Ian Begley
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DAVID Norris, an individual who has stirred up the very fabric of Irish society on many occasions, has a vast array of accomplishments to his name and has earned much admiration throughout his 70 years.

His colourful and robust persona has made him an institution in himself, and being an Irish scholar, senator, gay and civil rights activist and former presidential candidate it is no surprise that we asked Norris what a typical day in his life is like.
“I get out of bed quite early at 7am and begin my day by listening to the news.
“For breakfast I always have the same thing – a cup of coffee and a bowl of Kellogs Fruit and Fibre.
“Since my liver transplant I don’t have a lot of physical energy, but I have lots of intellectual energy and always find myself getting fired up by ideas.
“I always bring a lot of my documents home from Leinster House and pile them up in my kitchen, which is where I do most of my work.”
Norris, who has lived on North Great George’s Street for nearly 40 years, adds that he is in the Senate nearly every day and wishes it would reopen on the weekends.
“I campaigned to get the Senate open at the weekends, which it was but then they closed it again because of the recession and I was the only one who used it,” he laughs.
“I don’t do very much socialising, but when I come back home I like feed the birds in the garden and feed my goldfish in their pond, and love watching them while I’m having my breakfast or evening dinner.
“In my free time I have a wonderful old car [Jaguar XJ6] that I love to drive around in. I sometimes drive to Bull Island and get out to take a little walk or even to Howth to pick up some crab claws in Wrights.”
Norris confesses to being computer illiterate, never having turned one on in his life.
“I don’t know anything about them but for political purposes Miriam [his secretary] handles that for me.
“I have 41,000 followers on Twitter and again I don’t do any of the mechanics, but the words are all mine.”
After a long day, Norris adds, he heads to bed between 9.30pm and 10pm, after partaking in some night time reading or TV watching.
“I read a lot before heading to bed and also like to watch a bit of television. I have really gotten interested in watching the detective drama, Endeavor, which is the story about a young inspector in Oxford.
“In the old days I wouldn’t fall asleep until maybe 3am but these days I tend to get tired more easily.”

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