Hundreds petition for an Educate Together

by Rachel Darcy

Parents in the south west-inner city are campaigning for an Educate Together secondary school, with more than 700 people signing a petition for the school.

The ETHX campaign is led by a group of parents who aim to secure a secondary school for children in the area that is “co-educational, multi-denominational, democratically run, student-centred, non-fee paying with a 21st century approach to teaching and learning”.

Spokesperson for the campaign, Mairead Tully, said that parents of children attending both Catholic and Educate Together schools in the area are looking for the new secondary school to be introduced into the south west-inner city area.

She told Dublin Gazette: “As parents we would like to see our children have a continuity of not only the Educate Together ethos, but also to continue relationships with peers.

“As there are no local feeder secondary schools for these primary schools, the relationship the children have built up over eight years will be broken as the children are scattered throughout different secondary schools throughout the area.”

An online petition and developing social media campaign have meant that ETHX have already garnered more than 700 signatures on an online petition.

Tully says that they are set to launch a “major PR campaign” as well as political lobbying and envision that this figure will grow to a larger number of supporters.

She added: “Our hope for this school is that we get a new build rather than a divested property with possibly temporary grounds while awaiting the new building to open.

“It would be nice to have a secondary school and primary school with similar ethos on the same grounds.”

At present, there are six existing Educate Together secondary schools in Dublin, with another two schools set to open in Firhouse and Sandymount this coming September.

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